Purple Rockcress – Aubrieta deltoidea Seeds – PURPLE OR BLUE FLOWERS For GORGEOUS GROUND COVER & Rock Garden – PERENNIAL Hardy Zones 4 To 8 – By MySeeds.Co (15000 Seeds – 1/4 oz)

Aubrieta deltoidea – Purple Rockcress – Rock Garden Seeds – ZONE 4 – 8

Rock cress, as you can guess from the name, is one of those plants that like tough love — give it a hot, dry crack between some stones somewhere and it will flourish. It can cover a stacked-stone wall or rocky outcropping with beautiful blue-purple flowers.
Purple rock cress usually has purple or blue flowers, but rock wall cress is more likely to bloom in white or pink. Both make attractive low mounds that look great at the edge of retaining wall where they get full sun and excellent drainage. Cut stems back after spring bloom to keep plants compact.

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EMSCO Group Flat Rock Paver Patio Stones 24-Pack – 16″ x 16″ Natural Slate Tile – Easy Installation ( Made of resin construction)

DYQWT Solar Power Ice Rock Clear Glass Brick Path and Garden LED Paver Light (multicolor)

WZYuan Solar Power Energy Clear Glass Ice Rock Brick Paver Light LED Garden Decorative Landscape Path Light (Warm White)

Solar Powered Rock Outdoor Garden Accent Pathway Deck Dock Patio Landscape Light


Solar Lights:
-Rechargeable AA Batteries:
-Pre-installed rechargeable AA, /500mA Ni-Cad batteries

LED Light:
– At night, the light turns on automatically by stored energy.
-Lifetime of LED lamp is over 100,000 hours.

Solar Panel :
– The solar panel consists of single crystal silicon solar cells wired in series with a built in blocking diode.
– The blocking diode is to prevent the reverse flow of electricity to the solar panel (from the rechargeable battery or appliance) when the solar contribution is insufficient.

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